HRVR cómoda.
design de ARPMV Design.
Dimensões: 70c x 50p x 115h

Poltrona Take a line for a walk.
Design de Alfredo Häberli.
Dimensões: 80 L x 88 p x 110 h

"The modelling method of rapid prototyping served as the starting point for this design. At the time, I was reading a book about Paul Klee in which he said that when he was drawing, it was like taking the line for a walk. This expression gave me the final theme to design a lightweight structure for a lounge chair with enormous wings. The upholstered version of this came a year later. To be able to sit in it without being concerned about one's shoes was a small detail in this autonomous structure." (Alfredo Häberli, retirado do site do designer.)
Cadeira Supernatural.
Design Ross Lovegrove.
Dimensões: 53c x 51p x 81h

"My new SUPERNATURAL gas injected polymer chair for Moroso weights 2,5 kilos, it's fat free: half the weight of its nearest competitor."
(Ross Lovegrove, retirado do site oficial do designer.)

Candeeiro Bastone
Design de Jaime Hayón
Dimensões: d 55 x 166 h

Tapete Wollongong.
Design de Missoni Home.
Diâmetro: 2,2 m