Candeeiro de mesa Josephine.
Design de Jaime Hayón.
Dimensões: d 23 x 75 h
"Josephine: Sensual yet elegant, the Josephine just felt right. With a porcelain body wrapped by a mysterious shade, she reveals herself as both intriguing and essential." (Jaime Hayón, retirado de Hayon Studio)

Candeeiro de pé Bastone.
Design de Jaime Hayón.
Dimensões: d 55 x 166 h

"The Bastoni Collection: I have been thinking of this sort of lamp for ages: one you could drag comfortable all around the house for reading. I am the type of guy who moves plenty and this lamp would be the perfect one for me. It was also an element with a sense of humor, something I truly appreciate in a piece." (Jaime Hayón, retirado de Hayon Studio),
Candeeiro de pé Equilibre.
Design de Luc Ramael.
Dimensões: d 68 x 202 h

Candeeiro Light Volumes.
Design de Bakerygroup.
Dimensões: 77,5 c x 20 p x 52,5 h
"In keeping with structural explorations, a culmination of research has brought the development of a lighting product called Light Volumes. These are minimal shell structures composed of two symbiotic components: a sewn outer shell holds in tension a compressed internal surface. Together they produce a shaped rigid element that provides a unique new source of diffused, ambient lighting."
(Bakerygroup, retirado do site oficial.)

Jarras Closely Separated.
Design de Michael Geertsen.
Dimensões: 27h
Abstract bowls, plates and cups are merged in an intuitive way. Reminding us of the beauty in disharmony and how old things can lead to new, if we change our perspective. The object works on its own, but is given a function if flowers are added." (Michael Geertsen, retirado do site Muuto.)

Jarras I'm Boo.
Design de Norway Says.
Dimensões: d 8,6 x 27,5 h
"Boo is like the skin, or a balloon surrounding the water with openings that tell the simple story of fluid motion in and out of the glass. The carafe exudes a strong personality, as if it's saying »I’m Boo, who are you?"
(Norway says, retirado do site muuto.)

Taças Crushed.
Design de JDS Architects.
Dimensões (grande): d 29 x 16 h
Dimensões (pequena): d 16,5 x 14 h
“The Crushed Bowls show big-scale architecture applied on small scale objects. The bowls are composed of equilateral triangles and principles we use for big-scale computer modeling. Adding human ergonomics and aesthetics to the equation we have derived a series of vessels that are carefully crushed for everyday use”
(Julien de Smedt, retirado do site muuto.)


Cadeiras So Happy.
Design de Marco Maran.
Dimensões: 61c x 59p x 79h
Aparador 1005.
Dimensões: 195 L, 55 p, 80 h
Secretária Girrô.
Design de Ana Ribeiro.
Dimensões: 190 L x 90 p x 75 h


Jarra Four.
Design de Matti Klenell.
Dimensões: d 21,7 x 23 h
"One of the strongest characteristics of glass is its transparency. Another is its seductive beauty. With this as a starting point I set out to create a vase which would be beautiful with or without flowers. The design is enhanced by reflective light and the layer on layer glass construction. And the fact that it actually ended up being four different sized vases in one, is a delightful bonus."
(Matti Klenell, retirado do site da Muuto.)
Cadeirão Smock.
Design de Patricia Urquiola.
Dimensões: 100 L x 80 p x 68 h
Candeeiro de mesa Josephine.
Design de Jaime Hayón.
Dimensões: d 23 x 75 h
Poltrona Take a line for a walk.
Design de Alfredo Häberli.
Dimensões: 80 L x 88 p x 110 h
Tapete Wollongong.
Missoni Home.
Diâmetro: 2,2 m